About Us

About twenty-five years ago the Horizon Village was started by a group of folks who wanted a community based on respect & shared appreciation for the land.  The village is located in an intentional community of approximately 25 families & 40 lots.  The entire community consists of approximately five hundred acres nestled in the hills, with the Rockfish Gap river running through the community.  We have nice roads, tasty pot lucks & great conversation.  Other than that, we are on our own to enjoy this beautiful spot in nature.

After many years of coming to the Shenandoah mountains, I finally decided to buy some property.  I came upon the Horizon community & discovered a beautiful spot where meadows, mountains & rivers come together & neighbors spend their time offering help & produce rather than gossip!  I camped on this land for four years & in fact there still remains a campground area.  But, I wanted to share this wonderful place with my friends and clients to make sure they could get their fix of nature too.  I needed to create a space that was modern and comfortable so that I could entice them out this way, yet so open to the river, mountains & meadows that their appreciation of nature would be fulfilled.

Thus Frogsong has it all!

  • At least forty large panes of glass which act as pictures of nature.
  • Three wood stoves, each with their own character.
  • Radiant floor heat throughout the house, including the basement.
  • A serious entertainment area with full size ping pong table, a 62" inch surround sound theater system with a large, hand   picked group of DVDs to enjoy.
  • There is a high end stereo system throughout the house, bring your ipod or cd's and enjoy! Complete WIFI internet at no  additional charge!
  • Jacuzzi bath & two head large walk in shower.
  • Open kitchen with juicer, toaster, gas oven, coffee maker & ample supply of beautiful dishes & silverware.
  • Organic towels & a pantry always filled with rice , sugar, flour & oil.We want you to be pampered & although of course we want you to take care of our things, we are willing to trust you with our finest items!

We want you to feel right at home. No plastic dishes or worn out scary looking Teflon frying pans here!

We want you to have all the comforts of home and a five star luxury mountain get away!